Gambling Tower dog toy


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Keeping your dog busy for hours requires the use of an entertaining toy.
In this context, choose the Gambling Tower which appeals to the intelligence of your dog.

To start the game, you need to fill the tower with treats. These foods will serve as a bonus for your pet’s efforts during the activity.

This occupation toy for dogs develops the dexterity and sense of smell of your faithful companion.
Fun and educational, it has several levels of difficulty that are easy to overcome.
This edutainment toy for dogs is equipped with 3 drawers fitted with loops.
The pet must move them in the correct order to successfully earn the rewards.

The Gambling Tower is designed (Medium Density Fibreboard) varnish and plastic.
The base is made of non-slip rubber to keep the item stable during play.

– occupation toy
– tower equipped with 3 drawers
– has 3 additional cones

– non-slip rubber pads
– this item is sold with 1 booklet with tips


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